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Log in to ANGEL

Conestoga's ANGEL server can be accessed from ANY computer connected to the internet by typing the following URL into your web browser's address bar:

ANGEL uses a login that is tied to your Student Portal account. Before you can use this login, you must initialize it through the portal:

  1. Log into the Portal. (instructions can be found here if you have not yet logged in)
  2. Click the Services tab on the far right.
  3. Click the "Login to Angel" button; ANGEL should pop up in a new window, and you should be logged into it.

NOTE: Your browser may attempt to block this popup. You will need to enable popups on the Portal for this process to work.

Once you've initialized your account through the Portal, you can thereafter log directly into ANGEL using your Student Portal login and password.

If you forget your password, use the Password Recovery Tool in the Student Portal to reset it.

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